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How to Make a Dog Step for Trucks

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Getting into a truck can be a difficult task for many dogs. Small or elderly pets often have trouble getting into a tall vehicle and have to be lifted up, which can cause serious injury if not done properly. There are many commercially available dog steps on the market, but they can be heavy and exp

Feline Tick Prevention

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Ticks are common parasites found throughout the United States. They attach themselves to the host and feed on its blood. Generally, ticks cause mild irritation in cats and are relatively harmless. However, they can also carry many diseases affecting both animals and humans. Apart from barring your c

How to Train Working Dogs

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Working dogs are a category of dog qualified by the American Kennel Club. These breeds are bred to work closely with humans in a "working" capacity--pulling carts or sleds, guarding, and performing rescues. As large and intelligent breeds, working dogs are usually quick to pick up on training. Worki