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How to Build a Canopy Crib

Before the advent of heating units inside homes, canopies once served a practical use and helped to keep a sleeping baby out of the cold and free from drafts. These days canopies are used more for decoration, providing a touch of whimsy and a romantic frill to any nursery. Fortunately you don't have

Traveling With Children

Before children all you had to do was grab a bag and head out the door - traveling was easy. Well, that ended as soon as your first baby was born. Before you were responsible your bag, your passport, your comfort, your flights, your information, and no one else's. Needless to say, there are a f

How to Teach Kids Stewardship

"Stewardship" means managing resources in a responsible manner. It includes learning to manage time, money and other resources. Teaching kids stewardship is vital to ensuring that they become good financial managers as adults. Stewardship also helps children learn critical skills, including patience