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The Directions to Unlock a Turntable

A device that plays vinyl records, a turntable also contains jacks for connecting the device to speakers, a receiver and other electronics. The device includes a stylus, arm and a revolving platen that holds a record. The platen is locked in place when you first buy a new turntable to keep the compo

Northern Michigan Music Festivals

Northern Michigan boasts a variety of music festivals.michigan map image by Vladislav Gajic from Fotolia.comWhile Michigan might be better known for the musical offerings of Detroit--such as Motown, Eminem or Madonna)--northern Michigan has something for music fans as well. From Americana...

How to Transfer LPs to CDs

Transferring LPs to CDs is a great way to get new life from older music. You might not want the expense of purchasing the same music twice or perhaps a favorite LP was never released in digital form. While it's true that the transfer process is a bit time-consuming, there are products available to m