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How to Paint an Automotive Dash

Painting the dash in your automobile may be one of the most sufficiently rewarding improvements you can make for your automobile, regardless of whether or not the automobile has begun to show signs of aging. The process can be very complex and sometimes requires a professional to step in and do it f

How to Fix a Blown Head Gasket

A blown head gasket is a not an easy thing to fix on your car especially for the novice mechanic. A head gasket is located between your engine and cylinder head. It is recommend that you only use this article as a guide and consult a mechanic about exactly what needs to be done with your car because

About Car Shampoo

There are several different car wash products that are labeled "car shampoo." Some of these products are for washing the outside of your vehicle, and some of them are for washing the upholstery inside the car. For best results, make sure you use the appropriate product for the task.