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Internet Design Concepts Applied To Print Labels

If you have been paying attention to all the design trends lately, you will note that the Internet and Web design is where all the new innovations and growth are coming from. Hence, it is only natural that some of the print design trends follow suit, including label printing. That is right! Many business now are using internet design concepts to shape their color labels. Whether it is for a product, or marketing stunt, the new custom labels today use fresh Internet design concepts that make them hip.

In this guide, I am going to give you a few internet design concepts that can be applicable for your own color labels. In this new world of the Internet, you can take advantage of their design trends to improve your custom labels. So read and learn.

Light and colourful The first concept we will discuss is the light and colourful concept. If you look at the best and most popular websites today, such as Facebook and Twitter, they use more lighter, brighter and colourful schemes and themes. The darker, and more neutral schemes of old are starting to be left behind in favour of more energetic and exciting color schemes. More and more readers are looking at this trend as the norm of a popular website, establishing the lighter and colourful design concept as the new dominant trend in web 2.0 design.

So if it is popular on the Internet, you can also translate it effective in print, especially with your product labels. By simply adapting lighter colors that have energy such as lemon yellow, bright orange, sky blue and lime green, you can make your custom labels look very new and fresh. They will think that your products are certainly very special since potent just because of the color used in their custom labels.

Gloss and shadow Another common design concept in websites today is the use of gloss/gleams as well as shadows. These effects make a design look really smooth, glossy and clean, making them pop right out of the screen. The same can be done with your color labels of course. By adding subtle gloss effects plus shadow effects, you can make the design elements within the label come alive beyond the two dimensions. The gloss and shadow effect makes these elements look more embossed and solid, adding to a more natural effect upon the design. You can apply these effects to your logos and even some of your text elements to make them look more impressive.

Curved and rounded It is also something of note that most web 2.0 designs today have slowly lost all those sharp edges and lines. The more popular sites today use more curves and rounded rectangles in their lines and sections. By doing this, the designs look softer, more organic and dynamic as well. If you use this concept on your labels, it is also possible to achieve that softer and better look. Since this is the fresh new direction of design, your product labels should also look very new and fresh, hopefully giving you additional impact on readers.

Color gradients and blending Lastly, you can also use the concept of using color gradients and special color blending to make your letterheads look current with the times. If you look at those popular websites closely their main colors blend to certain variations and gradients to achieve a better looking effect. Use the same concept in your label backgrounds, symbols and even text to improve the look of your product labels just like those websites. Trust me, these subtle color gradients will give that small but powerful finishing detail that makes that label design look complete.

So as you can see, there can be a lot of benefits to you if you use internet design concepts for your product labels. Try them out now and see what happens.

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