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How to Set the Time on a 2005 Ford Escape

    Setting the Time for the Standard Radio (Single Disc Player)

    • 1). Crank your engine (or insert your key and turn it to "Acc" to turn on the radio).

    • 2). Press and hold the "CLK" button on the right corner of your radio faceplate. While holding the button, press the "Seek" arrow to adjust the hour.

    • 3). Continue holding the "CLK" button. Press the "Tune" arrow (not the knob) to adjust the minute.

    Setting the Time for the Mach-300 Radio

    • 1). Press the "Menu" button once. The radio will display "Select Hour."

    • 2). Press the "SEL" button (up or down) to adjust the hour display. When you are finished, press the "Menu" button to save the setting.

    • 3). Press the "Menu" button twice. "Select Mins" will display on the radio. Press the "SEL" button (up or down) to adjust the minute display. Press "Menu" when you are finished.

    Setting the Time on the Six-Disc Radio

    • 1). Press and hold "CLK" until the radio beeps (three to five seconds).

    • 2). Press "Scan" to adjust the hour display, and then press "Auto-S" to set the minute display.

    • 3). Press "CLK" to save the changes.

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