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History of Interior Decorating

Early Egypt

Interior design dates back to ancient times, as people have decorated as long as they have had houses. The first signs of purposeful interior design were evidenced in the lavishly decorated Egyptian tombs. Romans also carefully arranged their rooms based on the function of the room and the time of year. In the summer they used rooms that took advantage of breezes, and different rooms in the winter that gave extra protection from the cold.


During the Italian Renaissance, wealthy people became interested in the arts and began to commission artists to work in their homes. Function, form and decadence were the major themes in the palaces of the wealthy.

Early American

Early American decorating was mostly homemade as people were inspired by the homes of the wealthy. Artisanship and function were the mainstays of this design period.

Industrial Revolution

The dawn of industry made interior decorating available to the multitudes. Cheaper home goods and decorating items such as wallpaper, household paint and fabrics caused middle-income families to be more interested in interior design.

Modern Times

Interior decorating today is available to people of every income rate and level of skill. Decorating shows on television teach people how do decorate on their own and interior decorators cater to middle income and the rich. Modern decorating styles encompass parts of all of the previous decorating periods.

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