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Decorating Ideas for Tan and Brown Curtains


    • Paint the walls in the same shade of brown or tan for continuity or opt for a complementary shade in between the two colors. Alternatively, paint an accent wall a different color for more contrast, such as bright white, cream, blue or yellow. Wallpaper with a complementary pattern that includes both colors from the curtains is another option.


    • White furniture will keep the room light and airy. Dark wood furniture, such as cherry or espresso-finished pieces, can anchor the room and work with a contemporary, traditional, masculine or sophisticated look, depending on the style of furniture. For example, a sleek espresso bedroom set with a platform bed and clean lines will work in a modern bedroom. An ornate cherrywood dining set and buffet would work in a sophisticated, traditional dining room. Add glass or metal furniture components.


    • Pick up the tan and brown pattern throughout the room. Use the same colors in an area rug and throw pillows. Sofas, whether fabric or leather, can incorporate one or both shades from the curtains. Keep your chair covers and cushions light by using the same shade of tan. Bedding can incorporate one or both colors or add a third color for interest. For example, use aqua and brown sheets with an aqua and tan comforter. Alternatively, use a tan and brown comforter and jazz it up with colorful sheets.


    • Use your accessories to add color, texture and interest to the room. A glass vase filled with tan sand and cream-colored shells and starfish will accent a beach- or nature-themed room without being flashy. Greenery, such as houseplants, can add some color while keeping with a natural or earth-tone look. Use picture frames, vases, flowers, throws, candles and lamps to add touches of color to the room.

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