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Dora the Explorer Bedroom Ideas


    • Bedding which includes a blanket or comforter, sheets, pillowcases and Dora's Bugga, Bugga story time pillow are Nickelodeon licensed items to decorate a young girl's bed. The Dora character cuddle pillow doubles as a stuffed toy for the little one. You can make your own bedding with fabric featuring Dora and familiar things from the television show and books.

    Wall Decor

    • The walls of the bedroom will provide a Dora the Explorer atmosphere with paint color to match bedding and furniture. Yellow, pink, lavender or a pale green wall will give a cohesive look when combined with

      Dora the Explore giant wall stickers that include scenes depicting the character and her friends. More subtle wall borders can be applied to the top or center area of the wall for a finishing touch. A hand-painted mural will give the room a custom-made design for the young Dora fan. Include a growth chart with the characters' pictures for an interactive keepsake.

    Dimensional Objects

    • A variety of decorative and useful accessories are used to enhance the room without breaking the budget. Make or purchase a tree coat tree, Dora the Explorer wall clock, auto-tap light, bank or waste basket for everyday use. Transform a simple peach or tan colored rug into Map with painted or felt embellishments to be placed next to the bed. Set a magnifying glass on a desk for investigative adventures for the older child. Hang a Backpack reproduction for easy access for the little one to use for her own Dora-type explorations. A stuffed toy Boots, Sniper or Tico the squirrel will add more to the comforting atmosphere of the room.


    • Several pieces of bedroom furniture are available for Dora fans. A toddler bed, rocking chair, toy box, stuffed chair, table and chair set are decorated with character motifs. Existing furniture can be artistically enhanced with a coat of pink or lavender paint and hand painted figures or wall stickers. A stuffed chair or stool is a craft project made with wooden frames and patterned cloth. Wooden storage cubes are also transformed with pictures of Dora, Boots and other characters from the Nickelodeon show.

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