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How to Replace the Windshield on a 91 GMC

    • 1). Loosen one of the rear view mirror's screws, then slide the block and mirror out.

    • 2). Remove the windshield wipers by lifting them up until they lock in place. Pry up the wipers by positioning a large flathead screwdriver between the large nut and the wiper's arm and rocking it back and forth.

    • 3). Seal the vents on the inside dashboard with masking tape to prevent anything from falling inside.

    • 4). Cut away the rubber gasket with a knife from inside the vehicle by pushing it into the middle of the rubber and cutting all the way around the windshield. Do not touch the glass with the knife. Push the glass out with your hands so the person or persons assisting you from outside the vehicle can secure it.

    • 5). Wipe rust from the frame and wipe the sealant off of the new gasket. Place the gasket in a warm area to soften.

    • 6). Fit the gasket around the new windshield so the side of the gasket with the slit faces outside the vehicle. Run a small bead of sealant along the bottom half channel on the gasket.

    • 7). Spread some petroleum jelly into the outer groove on the gasket, applying extra at the top center and bottom center. Line a heavy nylon cord around the outer groove. Be sure you start at the bottom center with about a foot of cord hanging down and finish at the bottom center with another foot of cord hanging next to the first one.

    • 8). Place the windshield in its opening from outside the vehicle with the hanging cords going inside the vehicle resting on the dashboard. Your helper should hold the windshield from the outside front of the vehicle while you help guide it into place using the cords while sitting in the driver's seat.

    • 9). Pull one cord end slowly out and around the frame. As the rope comes out of the gasket, it pulls the rubber lip of the gasket into place around the inside windshield frame. Have your helper press the rubber gasket around the outside edge of the vehicle.

    • 10

      Wipe away any extra petroleum jelly and reinstall the rear view mirror and windshield wipers. Allow the sealant to dry for 48 hours before driving the vehicle.

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