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Role of Parents in Child Development

Before allowing your child to walk the rugged path of adult life the parents have to take the ownership of paving the way and setting the stage for them. Children are born with a virgin mind and the exhaustive world of knowledge cannot be poured into them without preparation and ground work.

The best way to teach them is by respecting their sensitivity, vulnerability and innocence. Play school in Bhubaneswar lays this groundwork and furnishes the ideal learning environment for these young ones before the commencement of formal education.

Thus, parents' choice of a right-fit play school for their child can initiate their lives on a perfect note.

Child Centric Approach

In order to teach children we need to learn about their psychology and emotional fabric. They are impressionable, tender and sensitive and each move they make and every word they speak fills them with a sense of wonder. They are very familiar and responsive to the world of toys, fun, imagination and play and a play school in Bhubaneswarhinges on this fundamental child psychology to develop their pedagogy.

Through meaningful games and plays the school constructs a world wherein a child can freely interact with their ideas and experience and gradually develop a positive reflex and behavioral pattern through the process of experiential learning. Thus, innovative play materials and models are developed for the children to engage themselves and learn certain cognitive functions instinctively than through instruction or academic mode.

Playing in a Team

Generally a playschool accommodates a group of children of varying age groups within three years to five years of age. Though the activity charts are developed keeping in mind their maturity level according to their respective ages, this classroom mix is remarkably beneficial for their children in order to learn about teamwork.

Thus, there are many games which are designed to draw their collaborative efforts and in the process enhance their teamwork capabilities.

Classification of Developmental Stages

From birth till the age of six child psychologists have observed three distinctive stages of child development. The play school in Bhubaneswar very sensitively interweaves and connects these stages of their development with their learning modules.

The first stage is referred to as an absorbent plane when the child's mind is like a blank sheet of paper which indiscriminately absorbs all the information from the environment. The second stage follows the absorbent mind is that of sensitive moods when the child displays his inclination to learn language, expressing his interests, likes and dislikes and also a disposition towards social behaviour, affinity for order and refinement is sensory responses.

This stage continues till the age of four after which they go through a phase of normalization which exhibits a child's ability to focus and concentrate on this work and accompanied by a sense of discipline empathy and sympathy for his peers. In fact it is believed that a child's ability to learn in these stages is highest and an educated play school knows how to make them soak this knowledge playfully.

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