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How to Make a Fresh-Cut Christmas Tree Last Longer

    • 1). Buy a fresh tree. When you buy from a Christmas tree lot, trees may have been cut down several days or weeks previously. Visit a tree farm to cut down your own tree if possible. If you have to buy a pre-cut tree, run your hand through the needles. If the tree is fresh, the needles should bend under your hand rather than fall off. A fresh tree will also have few brown needles.

    • 2). Cut a 1/2-inch slice off the bottom of the trunk if you are buying a tree from a tree lot. This allows more water to move up the trunk. Ask an employee at the tree lot to do this for you.

    • 3). Cover the tree with a tarp if it is strapped to the top of a car and the trip home will take longer than a few minutes. This will prevent the wind from drying out the tree.

    • 4). Take the tree home and immediately put it in water. If you are not ready to set up the tree inside, place it in a bucket of cool water outside. The tree can stay outside in this bucket for a few days, provided you live in a cool location. If the temperature drops below freezing, store the tree in a garage or shed. If the weather is warm, set up the tree inside within a few hours of bringing it home.

    • 5). Choose a spot to set up the tree in your home. Pick an area that is not near a fireplace, any heating vents and uncovered windows, since heat and direct sunlight will dry out the tree.

    • 6). Set up a tree stand filled with water. The stand should contain one quart of water per inch of the stump's diameter. Take note of the level of the water inside the stand.

    • 7). Decorate the tree with miniature lights, which give off less heat than larger lights. This too will help keep the tree from drying out.

    • 8). Replenish the tree's water supply every day. Add water until the level reaches the level you noted when you first placed the tree inside the stand.

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