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How to Bleed the Clutch on a 1993 Honda Accord

    • 1). Fill the clutch master cylinder reservoir with brake fluid.

    • 2). Have someone pump the clutch pedal several times, then hold it to the floor.

    • 3). Locate the clutch slave cylinder on the side of the transmission, toward the front of the car.

    • 4). Use the wrench to open the bleeder valve located on the side of the clutch slave cylinder. Open it only enough for fluid and air to escape.

    • 5). Close the bleeder once fluid stops running out. Release the clutch pedal.

    • 6). Push the clutch pedal to the floor and hold it.

    • 7). Open the bleeder valve until fluid stops running out. Close the bleeder valve.

    • 8). Repeat the steps several times until the clutch pedal no longer feels spongy.

    • 9). Start the vehicle and make sure that it shifts properly.

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